Our Mission

The tokenization of music ownership on the Genesis Application is powerful in that it increases the pool of potential investors into music exponentially by democratising ownership and making it accessible to just about anyone. Not only will it increase the pool of potential investors into music copyrights, but it will create investors that are highly incentivized to contribute however possible to the commercial success of the copyrights that they have invested in.

Copyright holders, whether this is up and coming artists, songwriters, producers, labels, catalogue owners or publishers, will also benefit from a new potent means of monetising their music rapidly. This can be incredibly important considering how slow payment cycles can be in the music industry. Take for example the loss of live performances caused by the pandemic: a small artist whose live performance revenues have been decimated could quickly tokenize and hence monetize their music and invest the profits in marketing campaigns to help boost their digital revenues. Such rapid infusions of liquidity are rare to come by for copyright holders in the music industry.

The tokenization of music copyrights by their owners is an attractive proposition for copyright owners of all types, including the emerging trend of copyright catalogue funds. The sums of institutional investment funds that are looking into music copyrights as an attractive alternative asset have never been greater, particularly amidst the pandemic that has encouraged investors to look for investments uncorrelated to the markets. The biggest banks in the world are now looking at the music industry with much interest ever since the recent years of overall industry growth that have followed two decades of declining revenues during the industry’s transition to the digital world. Catalogue funds that we are in contact with have already signalled their interest in tokenizing parts of the catalogues that they acquire, as this presents a potentially lucrative method of re-monetizing their assets. Their interest in tokenizing parts of their assets will create the engine that continues to pump more and more valuable copyrights on to the marketplace and turns the market into a self-sustaining organism. Ownership of classic catalogues that have typically been reserved for the major labels and publishers will now be made available to millions of fans, many of whom will be very keen to own a portion of their favourite song. Asides from our tokenisation initiatives, we are also in a strong position to enable the creation of many applications on subjects such as marketing effectiveness and consumer understanding, tour planning, and even applications that can collect even more data which can then be fed into the platform. The possibilities are endless, and by allowing members of the Foundation to access the data via an API and develop their own applications, a stream of creativity will be unleashed.

All things considered, the Utopia Genesis Foundation remains true to the mission statement of the company, enhancing the music industry by helping it leverage the power of modern technologies for the better. The way the Foundation tackles this goal is by avoiding the disruption of the current industry money flow, instead creating new avenues of evolution for the industry by leveraging the data that the company collects in innovative ways, the most important of which is the tokenization of music copyrights. By democratizing ownership of music copyrights and capitalizing on the increased interest of institutional investors into music copyrights, a blockchain-based marketplace will evolve into an impressive secondary market for copyrights and create profitable new methods of monetisation for music copyright owners of all kinds.
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Our Solution

The problem is simple: there is no transparency in the music industry. People don’t know who is owed what.

By offering a service that tracks whose music is played when and where, and which parties are owed what, we offer this transparency.

“We are not here to disrupt, but to offer a clear lens through which the entire music industry can operate.”

The UOP will create value for each entity in the music industry, from offering record labels geographic consumption data to help plan artist tours, to record labels being able to hedge their investment through buying half the rights to a catalog, and putting the rest on the open market.

The possibilities expand - hedge funds looking for an investment? Publishers looking for the next big thing? There is no end to how the UOP can be applied.

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The Utopia Genesis Foundation provides a new set of tools, technology, and funding, while anchoring Utopia to the values blockchain represents to its community: decentralization, equity, and transparency.

The Utopia Open Platform is founded on the open-source principles nascent to a blockchain. The Open Platform allows third-party developers access to the valuable data of the parent company, Utopia Music AG.

As applications are deployed in the ecosystem, we will be able to map out the complete landscape of the music industry.

A Healthy Ecosystem

In order to maintain this system, we have launched the UOP Token. Click here to read more.