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While revenues from digital streaming and live performances have increased in recent years, revenues in the music industry as a whole have declined since the late 90s.

Start tracking with Reach


Reach is an application which reports granular music consumption data. It can be used to collect data on specific artists, compositions or even catalogues, globally or locally depending on the user’s interest.

With Reach, you can track radio plays that you have been missing. Every time your song is played, it is tracked on a global scale. This service will be offered in three different versions to cover our stakeholders’s different needs: Basic, Premium and Professional.

Users of the Reach Application pay a fee based on what data they want to access. Users will have unlimited access to that data, as well as the ability to search, filter and aggregate as required. Users of the UOP Token will get a discount in order to attract more users to the blockchain.

The stakeholders will be able to choose between different levels of detail in the reports – ranging from nationwide overviews to detailed metadata reports with fingerprint validation.

We are working diligently to modernize the standard archaic model.


For Tokenization

The fee for tokenization is intended to be 10% of the funds raised by the artist/label.

For Tracking

The cost of using the Reach Application depends on the number of reports analyzed in order to produce a result.

Simple usage, such as searching for a song or logging in to an account, carry a very low cost. This allows for a certain degree of effectively free use for most applications.

For Building

When the Foundation approves a Third Party Application, a small transaction fee in UOP Tokens will be charged to the account which has made the request. The transaction fee will be divided into equally sized segments. (what does this mean, and why?)

These tokens will be transferred to the Foundation Vault, which can then be used either to support the Foundation’s operating activities or fuel the Genesis Vault.